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1 a preserve made of the jelled juice of fruit
2 an edible jelly (sweet or pungent) made with gelatin and used as a dessert or salad base or a coating for foods [syn: gelatin]
3 a substance having the consistency of semi-solid foods v : make into jelly; "jellify a liquid" [syn: jellify] [also: jellied]

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  • a UK /dʒɛli/


  1. A dessert made by boiling gelatine, sugar and some flavouring (often derived from fruit) and allowing it to set
  2. a sweet gelatinous substance derived from fruit juices and pectin
    • 1945, Fannie Merritt Farmer and Wilma Lord Perkins revisor, The Boston Cooking-School Cook Book, Eighth edition - Perfect jelly is of appetizing flavor; beautifully colored and translucent; tender enough to cut easily with a spoon, yet firm enough to hold its shape when turned from the glass.
    • 1975, Irma S. Rombauer and Marion Rombauer Becker, The Joy of Cooking 5th revision - Jelly has great clarity. Two cooking processes are involved. First, the juice alone is extracted from the fruit. Only that portion thin and clear enough to drip through a cloth is cooked with sugar until sufficiently firm to hold its shape. It is never stiff and never gummy.
  3. Jam that has been sieved to remove pieces of fruit before being allowed to set.
  4. Short for jellyfish.
  5. A large backside, especially a woman's.
    Check out that girl shaking her jelly!
  6. Short for gelignite.



sweet gelatinous substance derived from fruit juices and pectin
sieved jam
large backside


  1. To wiggle like jelly.
  2. To make jelly.

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Jelly may refer to:
  • Fruit preserves, referred to as jelly in American English, though also called jam, clear fruit spread consisting of firmed fruit (or vegetable) juice made with pectin
  • Gelatin, a translucent brittle solid substance, extracted from the collagen inside animals' connective tissue
    • Gelatin dessert, popular brands include Jell-O, Rowntree's and Hartley's, and Aeroplane
  • Aspic, a dish containing broth with gelatin, served cold
  • Gel, a colloidal system in which a porous network of interconnected nanoparticles spans the volume of a liquid medium
  • Jellyfish, marine invertebrates of the class Scyphozoa
  • Jelly fungus, the class Heterobasidiomycetes
  • Jelly shoes, shoes made of a soft plastic, resembling sandals
  • Naval jelly, phosphoric acid in a rust removing gel
  • Petroleum jelly, a gel used as a topical ointment
  • Royal jelly, made by bees and fed to the larvae to turn them into queen bees
  • Temazepam, a powerful hypnotic drug, street name "Jellies"
In confectionery:
  • Jelly bean, small and usually have a hard candy shell and gummy interior.
  • Jelly baby, a type of soft confectionery that look like little babies in a variety of colors
  • Swedish Fish, a type of quasi-gummi chewy candies shaped like fish
  • Gumdrop, brightly-colored gelatin- or pectin-based pieces, shaped like a truncated cone and coated in granulated sugar
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